Monarch Stags - Plans for 2021


Hopefully, the problems of the pandemic and Covid are now behind us.

As we look ahead to the rest of 2021 there are a number of projects that we are working on, and some welcome changes that we make to Monarch during the year ahead. Here's a quick preview of some of the projects coming our way:


New Products

When I purchased Monarch, it came with a huge catalogue of products that had been developed over many years. Some we supply now, but others are currently out of production or part-finished waiting on our shelves. Some of these are products where we are having to find alternative suppliers, as many have retired (with such a small volume we are reliant on specialist one-man suppliers). Other products may need minor engineering modifications and testing, before we make them available for sale.

We want to make some of these products available again, however, in order to be confident we will fit every product before we make it available for sale. This will allow us to improve the fitting instructions, improve the photographs and overall improve the support we can offer our customers. 

New Project / Monarch Prototypes

We have now completed a full body restoration of a 1975 manual Stag. The hood has been fitted and most of the trim has been returned to the body. The shell has been repaired and painted, insulated with Dynamat and dashboard and carpets fitted. The running gear has been temporarily fitted to help with transportation.

The keen eyed will notice that it has been painted in Jaguar Sapphire Blue - and we're really pleased with the result.

The car will now have a number of our Monarch upgrades, and we hope to document our journey here, but also across social media. It will become the testbed for our new upgraded parts, and the intention is to have all the parts available again to complete the conversion.

But we also do Stag V8 upgrades ...

The Triumph V8 Stag (White) will be our next project towards the end of 2021. We have sourced a donor car and it's currently in storage awaiting completion.


Despite appearances, it is a very solid car albeit with some cosmetic damage. It will be fitted with the standard Stag V8 engine and feature our Triumph V8 upgrades, together with an upgraded automatic gearbox. 

New Products

Holley 7-degree adaptor - just completing machining of the castings, as the original machined drawings had been lost. We will validate and check with an existing Holley conversion before making them available for sale.

Rear Track Control Kit - using new suppliers, the new components have been matched against the library parts. Project is underway - hopefully available during Q3.


Hope you have enjoyed our short article and look out for future updates along the way.