Rover 3.9 EFi engine conversion - a few pictures

If you are considering a Rover engine conversion for the Stag, the conversion can be achieved quite easily using our conversion parts. The Rover 3.5/3.9 engine was a popular choice to use for the engine conversion as the engines are readily available, and have a number of performance options available. The engine featured here is the Rover 3.9 serpentine engine from the Discovery and early 2-door Range Rover. 


Usually the engine is mated to a Rover LT77 or R380 5-speed gearbox. In this picture you can clearly see the EFi Plenium chamber, which can be machined slightly to avoid the need for a bulge in the bonnet.

The engine management unit (ECU) is normally housed inside the car in the glovebox area. The ECU needs a feed from the speedometer, and the fuel system needs a pressurised feed from the petrol tank, plus a return feed back to the tank.