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The Stag was on the drawing board in the 1960's, over 40 years ago! It has been said by some purists that it was, and still is, perfect. Which is great as every iconic car needs its curators to preserve it.

However If you like to drive your Stag on modern roads Monarch have developed a host of improvements. These improvement will assist in rectifying the infamous “Stag Twitch” and provide a better more efficient suspension system which allows the cars wheels to have better contact with the road to provide better traction and better braking.

 Monarch offer

  • Progressive Rate Springs
  • Gaz GT Series adjustable shock absorbers specially designed to work with our progressive rate springs at various ride heights 
  • Superpro Polyurethane
  • Adjustable trailing arm brackets
  • Rear track control kits

For more info on the Stag suspension read my article and the following articles for details of the infamous 'Stag-twitch' problem and ways to improve handling.

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