The Stag was on the drawing board in the 1960's, over 40 years ago! It has been said by some purists that it was, and still is, perfect. Some of us would disagree. Sorry, but anyone who tries to tell me that we have learnt nothing in the last 40 years is a fool. Since then cars have progressed at a phenomenal rate to become marvels of modern engineering, faster, safer and more luxurious than they could have dreamed of back then.

We can apply some of this knowledge and improvement to our Stags. My aim is to enhance the enjoyment you get from driving your Stag and to bring its performance and handling into the 21st century to compete with the best modern cars on the road today. The Monarch Stag is now such a car. For more info on the Stag suspension read my article and the following articles for details of the infamous 'Stag-twitch' problem and ways to improve handling.