IMAGE 3-Piece Split Rim Alloy Wheels (set of 4)

IMAGE 3-Piece Split Rim Alloy Wheels (set of 4)

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Our Image Wheels are made from prime aluminium ingot or billet. 3-piece wheels consist of a computer spun inner and outer rim and a cast centre.

Why split rims? Well apart from the fact that they look great they can be tailor-made with any offset, whereas with the one-piece wheels you have to take what the manufacturer has on offer. This choice is useful for example when fitting our BMW rear suspension / transmission transplant as due to the BMW's wider track (2") a much bigger offset is needed to keep the track standard. Otherwise the wheels would stick out too much and there wouldn't be enough clearance.


  • Image wheels are made from prime aluminium ingot or billet
  • Full product liability insurance
  • ISO9001 part 1 accredited
  • Made in England
  • Established over 18 years
  • Fully equipped CNC machine shop
  • Crack detection

    Available in 1/2" rim increments and suitable offset for my BMW Rear Suspension Conversion.

    The wheel as standard is supplied with a polished outer rim/painted centre hub/anodised inner rim unless otherwise stated.

    Illustration above is for example only, your wheels may not look exactly the same.

    Non-Standard Colours - there is no extra charge for non-standard colours with Image wheels, (colours subject to availability).

    NB. All wheels are supplied with bolts and centre caps. May I remind you that all our prices include VAT.